We Make Your Tummy Smile!TM

OHMB Browie Hero

Need your
brownie… fix?

So your #BrownieDealers make
it easy to get what you need.

OHMB chocolate and puck characters

Let the drooling commence!

New flavors are always being added to our ever growing menu.

OHMB Cookies and Cream Brownie

& Cream

Peanut Butter

OHMB Extreme Peanut Butter Brownie Hero
OHMB Puckin Pebbles Brownie


Brookie Dough

(Cookie Dough + Salted Caramel)
OHMB Salted Caramel Brookie Dough
OHMB Nut-Cup Peanut Butter Cup Brownie


(PeaNUT Butter CUP)

Apple Crisp

OHMB Big Applecrisp Brownie
Original Hockey Mom Brownie Food Truck in Minneapolis

Be there before the brownie addicts show up!

Where’s the OHMB Truck?

Brownies + Ice Cream on wheels, that’s what we’re talking about! Find out when and where we’ll be in your neck of the woods. We’ll see you out there!

Score some brownie points!

Catering & Events

Whether it’s a wedding, office event, or any special occasion, OHMB Catering will make your next event sweeter.

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