Act SWIFTLY 6.24.23 Ticket Giveaway!


What Concert are we doing a giveaway for?

US Bank Stadium is hosting a pretty big concert on 6.23.23 & 6.24.23. Check their events out – we’re just doing what we need to do on our end to not run into any issues while doing this giveaway. But, act SWIFTLY on it!

There are two concerts dates for this artist… Which date are we doing a giveaway for? 

Saturday 6.24.23

What seats are the tickets for?

Suite North Loft 8 to the right of the stage. Food + n/a beverages included.

How many winners will there be?

2 winners will receive 2 x suite tickets to the concert.

When will the giveaway START & END?

Start | 6.5.23 @ 12:00 PM CST

End | 6.12.23 @ 12:00 PM CST

Who can enter?

Anyone who is 18+ and has a personal facebook page.

***If you’re under 18 or are a business page and enter the giveaway, you will be disqualified.

How do I enter?

Go to our facebook page “Original Hockey Mom Brownies” and follow the below details. If you miss any steps 1-3, you will be disqualified.

1. Like & Follow the “Original Hockey Mom Brownies” page.

2.  Share the “Official Act Swiftly 6/24 Ticket Giveaway” post.

3. Tag 1 person in a comment (Tag as many people in a separate comment as you would like. Each qualified comment is an additional entry).
Complete steps 1-3. If you miss doing any one of these, you will be disqualified from the giveaway.


Qualified Tagged Comment

Comment 1 ex: “John Johnson”

Comment 2 ex: “Patricia Weaver”
We can click on their name and it will direct us to their profile.


Disqualified Tagged Comment

Any comment outside of what is list above in the “What does a qualified tagged comment look like?” Business pages, multi-tagged comments, names that aren’t tagged and cannot direct us to their profile, meme’s etc.

Multi-tagged comment:
“Jaqueline Murphy, Blake Weaver, Denise Reeves, A-Aron Jones “



It is inevitable…
There will be scammers that enter the comments section or send you personal message.
Here is an example of what they look like in the comments section or in your inbox:

DO NOT reply to them, give them your personal information or credit card info – OHMB will never ask you for any of this information. If you give them any of your personal information, that’s on you.

For more details on what a scam account looks like, check out this post for more details: SCAM ALERT POST



When will the winners be selected?

We will select the winners immediately following the giveaway on 6.12.23. All comments posted after noon on 6.12.23 are disqualified entries.


How will we select the winners?
Comment selector software – we’ve used it on EVERY giveaway we’ve ever done.

We will double check to make sure each person selected has followed ALL of the giveaway rules. Once we have qualified each winner, we will reply to the comment that the software selected in a direct message. We will ask you to text a …-…-6330 number and congratulate you via text that you’re a winner!

You have until 6:00 P.M on 6.12.23 to respond. If you don’t respond we will move onto the next person on the list. NO EXCEPTIONS!

After each winner has been selected, we will make an official announcement on the “Original Hockey Mom Brownies” facebook page confirming the winners!


How do I get my tickets?

Tickets are paper copies and CANNOT be given to you electronically prior to the event. Tickets will be given to the winners the day of the concert outside of the check-in gates. We will coordinate this after the giveaway.


Again, what disqualifies me?

1. Not Liking + Following OHMB’s page.
2. Not Sharing the official giveaway post.
3. Not commenting & tagging correctly.
4. Being under 18.
5. Rude & vulgar comments.



Click this link to take you back to our facebook page to enter the giveaway!